Tell me why

4. dubna 2011 v 19:43 |  The Beatles - písničky, texty a akordy

Akordy a text -

G7 C Ami
Tell me why you cried
Dmi7 G7 Dmi7 G7 C Ami Dmi7
and why you lied to me
tell me why you cried
and why you lied to me. Dmi7 G7
C Ami
Well I gave you everything I had
Dmi7 G7
but you left me sitting on my own
C Ami
did you have to treat me oh so bad
Dmi7 G7
all I do is hang my head and moan.
Tell me why ...
If it's something that I've said or done
tell me what and I'll apologize
if you don't I really can't go on
holding back these tears in my eyes.
Tell me why ...
Well I beg you on my bended knees
if you'll only listen to my pleas
is there anything I can do
Dmi7 G7 Dmi7 G7 C
cause I really can't stand it I'm so in love with you.
Tell me why ...


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