Dear Landlord

12. dubna 2011 v 18:10 |  Janis Joplin - písničky, akordy a texty

Akordy a text -

CDear Landlord
Please don't put a price on my sEmoul.
AmMy burden Gis heavy, dFear,
FAnd my dreamEms are beyond mDmy control,
Oh yes, they are.

FmBut when that steam-boat whistle blows,
BbOh, honey I'm gonna give you everyCthing I ever had to give, yeah,
DAnd I do hope that you caBbn receive it well,
AmI know that it must be dependin' on tGhe way you feel that you liFve. FG

Whoa, Landlord,
Please heed these words that I try to speak.
I know you must have suffered much,
But honey you ain't alone, you ain't so unique.
No no no, no, no.

All of us at times, I said, we might have worked too hard
Or too heavy, too fast and way too rushed, yeah!
But everyone can fill their life with anything
You can look around, but baby you just cannot touch.

Whoa, my Dear Landlord,
Please don't you dismiss my case.
I'm not about to argue with you,
And honey I'll tell ya, I'm ain't gonna move to no other place.
'Cause I just ain't gonna do it,
no, no, no.

Each of us must have their own special gift,
Oh honey, don't you know that it's got to be true
And if you don't underestimate me, I'll tell you one thing,
I said that I won't underestimate you, no!


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